any insurance folks out there?

does anyone know if blue cross would cover pregnancy? I start a full time job with a hospital feb 2 and bcbs is one of my insurance options. Was wondering if you had to be with them for X amount of time before they would cover pregnancy? I know that individual blue is like that, but wasn't sure about employer offered insurance.

I will be able to talk to my employer on Monday but I thought I would throw this out there anyway.

Re: any insurance folks out there?

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    Each plan is different. Your employer should be able to give you the customer service number for your potential plan and you can call to ask about benefits.
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    linzerd said:
    Pretty sure that with the ACA there was a rule that pregnancy can't be considered s pre-existing condition. Or maybe it was before the ACA, I don't remember. Either way you should be asking the insurance company, not a mod less board of banned users who have participated in a mass exodus of TB.
    this - its covered everywhere now thank god.  before ACA it was not covered except on BCBS in our area but you had to pay into it for 2 years before you get the benefits.
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