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Mom of the year awards.

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For some reason I have had a few mom of the year award moments lately and was wondering if anyone else is in this boat with me.  Here are my recent incidences

1.  went out of town for Christmas,  10 days at the ranch after a night stop over at grandpa's.  I have 2 full canisters of formula at the ranch.  Forgot to bring any for Christmas day.  Had to stop at CVS and buy a canister,  then started thinking that I may not have a bottle even... 

2. Was letting LO cruise around the house while I was making cinnamon rolls,  I hear a slight thunk and her start to cry.  Dad picks her up and I go about my business.  a few minutes later I realize that there is blood on her face.   I start to freak out a little,  sweep around her mouth to be sure she is not chewing on something she should not and pull out what looks to be a hunk of meat, and freak out even more.  she will not let me look in her mouth at all.  Finally get in to see her tongue is still in tact.  turns out to be a piece of the Christmas paper roll I let her play with about 10 minutes before this.  the blood was coming from her upper gums.  I guess she fell and hit her chin ramming her two teeth into her top gums. 

3. at the ranch tried to keep her asleep while heading out early in the morning.  decided to not wake her for a diaper change.  when she woke up she had exploded everywhere!!!  mental note risk waking her to put on a new diaper.

I know these are not the only mom of the year moments I have had, but these are the ones that have stuck with me. 

Anyone else want to share??

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Re: Mom of the year awards.

  • How bout forgetting to put bottles in LOs bag for school. They called saying they didn't have bottles. THankfully they had extras at school.

    Accidentally hitting LO in the head with his toy while trying to toss to him.

    Knocking los head up against the wall while trying to change him on his changing pad(a few times)


  • I try and keep my nails short, but they grow quick and I forget to keep up with it. I accidentaly gave keira a big scratch right under her eye when she twisted weird in my arms because they were too long. She cried and it looked horrible for over a week.

    I was making bottles for daycare when I looked over and saw her happily chewing on one of the dog's toys and let her continue until I was done. My logic was it was already in her mouth, a few more minutes wasn't going to hurt anything.
  • I was making bottles for daycare when I looked over and saw her happily chewing on one of the dog's toys and let her continue until I was done. My logic was it was already in her mouth, a few more minutes wasn't going to hurt anything.

    Are you implying this is a bad thing?
    LO (and DS1) and sometimes the cat share teething toys. Lol.
    There's no way I wash them in between users. I don't know if I even bought them when I bought them.
    ?? Hmm. Is this more of a FFFC?

  • It was cold and LO was tired so I didn't bother getting the cart cover out when heading into Target, and she kept leaning forward to chew on the handle of the cart.  I corrected her each time I saw her, but if I didn't see her do it, I wasn't too worried about it.

    I get really lazy with cutting LOs nails and yesterday she did not want to nap and ended up scratching the hell out of her face.  She looks better now since the pink marks faded but she broke the skin in two places so that along with the pink scratches, she looked like she'd been in a bar fight.

    LO was born with Torticollis (tight neck muscle where she favored turning her head to one side).  Since gaining neck control it has improved greatly, and after her initial consultation with her new PT, we were told she does not need to continue coming for PT, but she gave us some stretches to do at home.  We NEVER do them, and when her pedi asks, I lie and say we do.  She is super strong and I would have to damn near break her neck to try doing these stretches.  I figure if she is well enough at 10 months to not need PT, then she doesn't need to stretch at home either.  I do feel guilty about it though.
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