In response to feedback surrounding the recent changes — The Bump
January 2011 Moms

In response to feedback surrounding the recent changes

The Bump community boards are a place for women and men to share their hopes, dreams, opinions and concerns. It's also a place to find support and advice from others who are on this incredible journey of building a family. We are grateful for the community members who have joined for the right reasons, and we publicly thank all of our members who genuinely and sincerely connect with other parents-to-be and new parents through our community. It saddens us that some people in the community have recently been exhibiting behavior that goes against our Terms of Use, such as posting pornography, using malicious profanity, and sending harassing posts. There's no room for this type of behavior on a site board that celebrates babies, the joys of parenthood and everything in between. Those in the community who were making it a negative and antagonistic environment for others , and broke the Terms of Use, are in the process of being replaced to ensure our community remains true to the tenants of its foundation.

We are aware that a few "bad apples" that were removed from the community are trying to send negative messages about our brand. In their attempts they only demonstrate why they were removed in the first place. We know that our valued members, audience, clients, partners and advertisers will recognize their misinformed and misguided behavior as meaningless. The Bump remains vigilant in maintaining the integrity of its values, and its mission to provide the best pregnancy and parenting content, tools, services and community. 

We built The Bump for you.  We put you first, and that means doing everything we can to ensure a supportive and welcoming community. 
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