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Discussion Regarding Recent Changes

We want to do our best to respond to the outstanding questions and comments you have regarding the changes to the Guidelines, and the subsequent actions taken.

We ask that you keep the discussion respectful.  Any comments that are vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive will be removed.  Please be patient, we *are* trying to hear and respond to your concerns.

If you posted in another Message Board regarding this topic, we are in the process of moving your discussion to this message board, to help keep track of the conversation.  

In the meantime, thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the situation!

Re: Discussion Regarding Recent Changes

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  • Bumpies,

    You are not being ignored. There are many points, comments, and questions raised in this discussion. We're giving everyone a chance to speak.  We do not want to come back to you with "stock" answers.  We are a team, and we'd like to respond as such.  Please do not take our silence, or slow-response as anything less than us trying to give credence and thought to the points you raise.  Keep sharing your concerns! We will respond.
  • CrazyArmyWife - Truthfully, no intern has responded in the community.  The way we do things operationally are changing, and we're in the process of trying to do that.
  • For those who are asking about the original non-warnings, bannings.  We do not want to experience that again either.  Communication IS key.

    That said, should members of the community break the rules (whether or not you agree with the guidelines), how would you like to see that handled?  We ask this sincerely. This thread is for discussion, and we want you to share your perspectives.
  • BumpAdminBumpAdmin
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    In response to @stebnie & @keenebride2015

    1) why the bannings? We know the answer isn't TOU. We would prefer if you just said "egregious internal mistake"  
    Banning happened because of actions taken, some you were privy to, and some you (as the community) were not. We readily admit it *should* have been handled better, and for that we are sorry. We hear you, and we're changing.

    2) why no warnings first, as were outlined only two months ago. If you argue there were warnings, we'd like to see evidence. If you say tech glitch prevents showing, so help me...
    This is something we *will* change. It was, to your point in #1, a mistake in communication. You've spoken, and we're listening.

    3) why can't we have content deleted on request, as was policy as recently as two days ago. 
    This is something we DO want to change. Yes - if you request content deletion, we do want to comply. It's not because we "don't want to help you" - please trust us on that. 

    Someone started a "remove" post in this board earlier. If you want to be removed, or content removed, please share there URLs to your content that you want removed.
  • CaterinaC - There was no change to TOU. The Terms of Use provides the structure for the Guidelines, and the expectations, or rules, for the governance of the community.  
  • PismoDuo We're sorry you fee that way. We've opened this dialogue so we could hear these points from community members, like you. And we're going to work hard so the events of the last few weeks is not repeated.
  • MeatandBandPJoShan1719 -- Truly sorry you both feel that way. We acknowledge openly that the way things were handled were not right, and we're working to correct that for the future. 
  • stebnie said:
    I'm probably one of the people with the smallest post count. Let's call it 1,600 posts. So if I send you links to 1,598 urls, will you leave the right two posts there? Are you willing to risk that? Wouldn't you rather just delete them all as I requested? Because believe, I will know which two should still be here.
    To be clear - you want your whole account deleted, and not just particular pieces of information. This is a great question. I know you're not going to like this answer, but we have to figure that out logistically. And I'm terribly sorry for the vagueness of that answer.
  • Meery82 said:
    So BumpMay went on a tyrannical power trip and you guys are trying to clean up the mess without taking or placing blame? That's not going to work. People want real answers. Admit to screw ups and be specific in communicating your plans to fix the problem. You owe us that much.
    I know it's difficult to believe, but we are looking to change things. We do want a better The Bump, and an engaging future with the community -- you all. We owe you that, yes. 
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