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CLARIFICATION - Guidelines and TOU

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From BumpMay:

"The Guidelines aren't a new Terms of Use - that's the same as it's been for a while, and it's still on the bottom of all the pages (at least when you're vieweing them on the website). The Guidelines include etiquette - but that's not all they are. Things like not spamming with links for someone's business aren't really etiquette, and some of the do's and don't's are more like tips, which is why we used the term "guidelines". We're not saying none of the guidelines are rules - the "you can be banned for posting people's personal information" is definitely a rule, as is the "disagreement is not harassment" bit. But the mods are looking at them as tips, do's and don't's, etiquette and insights."


Do NOT report posts that are not TOU violations. The TOU have not changed. Warnings for false flagging will be given if posts are continued to be reported that do not violate TOU. 

The TOU may be found HERE

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