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I have a friend who's baby registry is through,  I've never used it so I'm not as familiar with how purchasing items go.  If I want to physically take one of her registry items to her baby shower, is my only option to purchase it through the registry and have the item shipped to me first?  Some of her stuff is available at Target, but it doesn't look like it would reflect as bought if I actually purchased them at Target.  I don't think it's synced up to Target's website or anything.  Thanks for any help.
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  • I used myregistry for my wedding and I will try to explain as best as I can. Click the view or buy button on myregistry in order to get to the actual website you purchase from. If you don’t do it this way, then it won’t get marked off as purchased. I believe once you  actually purchase it, it gives you the option to say you indeed purchased it so it gets checked off the list.

     If you want to bring a physical gift to the shower then have it shipped to you otherwise it will go directly to the register. I regret using myregistry, it confused people more than anything and wasn’t a popular place to purchase gifts. Hope this helps!

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  • Thank you!

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