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6 day old and I have horrible back pain

so my little guy is 6 days old and amazing. However Im suffering from horrible back pain.  I called my dr and told her this and she said I might have pulled it during delivery,  I think its from the epi.  I have two other kids and don't remember ever having this.  Anyone else experience this?  If so, how long did it last?

Re: 6 day old and I have horrible back pain

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    yes. I experienced that, as well. It was on and off for the first month. Hang in there. It also doesn't help that we bend over changing diapers and contort into weird positions to have the babies latch. Hang in there. and congrats
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    Well I had that terrible pain- I blamed it on the chairs in the NICU.  But when I asked my Dr., he said that yes it can be from the Epi.  I also had a terrible bruise from it too.  Oh and I had a c/section so it was not from pushing.
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