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No cable, now what?

We rarely watch TV so I got rid of it. We have a smart TV and I kept Internet so I have Netflix, any other suggestions when we run out of documentaries and such?
Also, now that our internet isn't bundled it's $86 instead of $40, I know every area is different as far is what is offered but I'm thinking I should shop around for Internet now or perhaps get a "hot spot" set up from my cell phone provider?
Thanks in advance for sharing your cable-less experience!

Re: No cable, now what?

  • Ypu should be able to get Internet cheaper. Just do somesearching. We did thus a year ago. We also have Hulu+ and Netflix. We have a Roku as well, as our Tvs aren't smart capable, but I think we'd have the Roku anyways, as they have tons of channels, free stuff etc.
  • Do you have Amazon Prime? They have some shows/movies that you can stream for free. Also Hulu. I think we would cut our cable if it weren't for sports.

  • I used to "cancel" our Comcast every 6 months in order to extend the introductory pricing ($25 vs $60), but last time they actually cancelled it. I'm to stubborn, so DH had to call and uncancel.

  • We have Hulu and Amazon Prime also. We have Chromecast so we can stream HBO Go (IL's account). We like it, but the only inconvenience about that is that you have to use an app from your smartphone or your computer as the remote. We've never used the computer one so it may be easier, but using the phone app is annoying because you'll need to have it constantly open if you need to quickly pause it (which we do a lot when Edolie wakes up after we put her down!), so it eats up the battery life if you're not charging it.
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  • We were cable less for 3 years and did Netflix, Amazon prime, and huluplus. We also had cable passwords from family members to access ESPN and other extras. A couple years ago we got an antenna so we could watch local channels. Now we have uverse and pay about $86 for tv and Internet combined, so I'd definitely reconsider your internet options!

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  • We have hulu plus and netflix, though we may cancel netflix soon since we're finding ourselves primarily watching hulu, and every little bit helps :)

    Between no cable and no tv until Evan goes to bed, we're watching soooo much less tv this year!

    Also, you can rent lots of shows at the library. Just discovered ours has Downton Abbey, so I've been having fun with that. 
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  • We have a smart tv but we still got a roku. Our smart tv was pretty dumb and it frustrated me. We have hulu plus, my dad's netflix and my sisters amazon prime. Shop around for your internet! We could only get comcast here, bit we got them down to $35. It's basic Internet but we have no problem streaming all our shows
  • If you have an apple I like our Apple TV; you can rent movies which is convenient. You also have access to many TV shows that are in Pbs. We also have Netflix.
  • We also cut the cord and bought Amazon Fire TV Stick. There is a great variety of Kodi Builds that allow to watch everything we want. As for me, one of the best is Lobo Build Thanks to it we can stream our favourite content. It has sections for TV shows, movies, live TV, sports, kids, etc., so everyone can find it interesting and useful.
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