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uneven pupil dilation

Just noticed my 12 week old left eye was bigger than the right occasionally. Would even out a bit but sometimes it is significantly different size. Pediatrician and optamotholgist said they have never seen it. Dr. dilated her eyes and examined..said she didnt see anything wrong but we should go back in a few months. No head trauma and she shows no other abnormalities or signs of distress. Anyone experience this?

Re: uneven pupil dilation

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    My DD has uneven pupil sizes. In brighter lights, they look the same but in lower lights they are not the same size. This is called anisocoria. I took DD to the eye doctor when she was 1 and he thought everything would be fine but sent her to a specialist just to check on it. The specialist said her vision looked good and he did not think she would have any long term problems (it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition). We are to go back for another checkup when she is 2.  

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    Mine are like this. Noticed over ten yeas ago... Hasn't caused me any problems... Think it's just one of those things!
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