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A little something 'extra'.

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So, opposite the amputation,...

Suppose in the future everything we consumed, touched and breathed caused a mutation which made us grow a little 'something extra', what would you hope to grow?

(There is no hope to avoid mutation, you must breathe and eat...)

A little something 'extra'. 35 votes

An extra arm (because two hands is never enough when you've got kids and groceries)
42% 15 votes
An extra leg (you'll be a tripod, but will always have something to lean on)
0% 0 votes
Another head (two heads is better than one)
0% 0 votes
An extra eye (because you always wanted eyes in the back of your head)
5% 2 votes
An extra boob (you can play with one while your DH does too.
0% 0 votes
Your own penis (for when DH is away)
14% 5 votes
Something else.
5% 2 votes
SS - oh dear goodness me SurpriseAt39, you are soooooo weird.
28% 10 votes
SS - Hmm, more than one of those I options is interesting, let me explain
2% 1 vote
I don't go here and am not going to play your little games.
0% 0 votes

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