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Strange new law - what would you do?

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Totally fictitious, fabricated, non-real, make believe...

If there was a new Planet-wide law passed that every person born had to have some part of their body amputated within one month of birth, what would you have amputated on your child? (The idea would be so that there was no 'funny looks' or people being treated differently because of appearance since we would ALL have something 'disfiguring' about ourselves)

Please let us know what body part of your own you'd have amputated. And if you have multiple kids, would you amputate the same thing on them all?

**circumcision doesn't count**

Strange new law - what would you do? 40 votes

2% 1 vote
One or more toes
52% 21 votes
A hand
0% 0 votes
A foot
0% 0 votes
An ear
5% 2 votes
0% 0 votes
Entire arm or leg
0% 0 votes
Something else
0% 0 votes
Nothing, I would go into hiding so I could avoid this
12% 5 votes
SS - the government has gone too far!! Riots! Riots everywhere!!!
27% 11 votes

Re: Strange new law - what would you do?

  • Where do you come up with this stuff!? HAHA. No way, absolutely not. I would hide or "fake" it somehow. 

    I have a sick twisted mind brought on by lack of sleep and headaches/migraines that cause my mind to wander.
    And have you ever had a dream where 4 or 5 movies all blend together in one and it makes no sense...well, I had one of those the other night. Lol.

  • I chose toes because of that Phil of the Future episode where Phil has severe anxiety people will know he's from the future when they see that he's missing his pinky toes. (People have no use for them and stop growing them in the future.)
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  • I went with ear. They can always wear their hair long.
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