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Expecting my first baby in June 2015 and looking to meet a few expectant moms and new moms in the area. 
Curious about daycare/nanny care options in the area for next fall.

Re: Arlington/Falls Church/Alexandria Moms

  • Hi,

    I'm pregnant with our first child due in June as well. We live in Alexandria. I would love to know what you find out!
  • I'm in Alexandria and expecting at the beginning on August. Would love to meet up as well!
  • I'm in Arlington- Ballston area- expecting our first early July! Would love to meet up as well. 
    I've begun the daycare hunt and it's exhausting/rather difficult. I'd be interested to hear anyone else's experience. 

    Alexandria meet up? 
  • I would love to meet up with you ladies!!!
  • Hi! I live in Alexandria and am due in October. I would love to meet up with you ladies would be great to have a local network (all my family and friends are back home in Cali).


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  • I'm a little behind you all, but I also live in Ballston in Arlington. I'm due in Sept - I'd love to meet some other first time Moms. 
  • Hi all! FTM here too, due the end of August. I live in Alexandria, near Fort Belvoir. Most of my family and friends are in upstate NY so I'm looking for a closer support system of local women going through the same kinds of things.

    I haven't started the daycare hunt yet, but my sister had my niece in daycare at the Little Acorn Patch in Kingstowne and really liked it, so I think I'll start there. From what I hear, a lot of day cares in NoVA have ridiculous wait lists so that really worries me.
  • FYI one of the other area moms posted this meet up for local FTMs in a different thread, I just submitted for a membership:
  • Hi everyone! FTM expecting mid-August and live in Arlington (Shirlington.) Would love to meet up for brunch/lunch sometime to chat with other moms-to-be. I've joined a couple message boards, some long established, but doesn't seem like any have actual organized events. Saw the one posted above but don't want to pay to join if it's not what I'm looking for - beep can you give us a review?

    Any other moms want to set up a date feel free to send me a private message!
  • I think having to join a specifically organized group you have to pay the membership, but to just be apart of the group at large is free. Still trying to figure it out. Seems like there are a few of us on here through, I wouldn't mind setting up something if we could get a good response!
  • Hello! I live in Alexandria and am a first time mom as well! I am due mid-August. All of our family is in Ohio, so I would love to be a part of a support group! Has anything been scheduled yet as far as the meet up?
  • If I set up a group on Facebook, is that a good place for everyone?
  • Hi, also FTM, due early August, and looking for a local support group. I work in Alexandria and am starting to worry about daycare/nanny/nanny share (the crazy wait list rumors).

    Beep6610- If you create a Facebook group, please message me with the details, I would love to join!
  • Same, I would certainly join a Facebook group.
  • Awesome. PM me your name if you're interested, and I'll send you an invite. I went to start a group, but it makes you add friends when you do, and I don't have any other preggo friends in the area, so that didn't work. Womp womp.
  • I would certainly join a Facebook group too!!!
  • I'm a ftm in pentagon city, I would certainly join a facebook group. I'm due at the end of August and I'm considering staying home after baby and maybe taking in one more child. I used to nanny when I was in college.
  • Has a group been made yet! I PM'ed you my personal information but haven't received anything. Just wondering!
  • Yes Cristina! There are a few of us over on Facebook now. Your privacy settings made it so I can't friend request you - I sent you a message here and on FB, check your PMs and on FB your "other" inbox.
  • Hey everyone! I've visited this thread a few times but I was reluctant to post as I am still very early. I finally decided to give in.. I am due in November. I am a FTM in Alexandria and would love to join a FB group or anything else that's available. Looking forward to meeting you ladies!






  • Hey everyone! I am FTM here in Falls Church:) I would love to join this group! Due in September. Hope to hear from you guys ladies soon!
  • If you'd like to join, please PM me your name, I'll send you a friend request. Once you accept, I'll invite you to the group.
  • I hope someone is still reading this thread!
    Hi everyone! I posted in the Virginia babies although that one seems really quiet with not much activity.
    I live overseas but will be delivering stateside at the end of November as a FTM... Moms who have birthed around Alexandria/Arlington/DC, what hospital and OB did you see and recommend?
    Also I'm wondering if anyone recommends a Pediatricians in Alexandria/Arlington? Thanks so much!
  • Hello! I'm due in July with our second. Would love to meet some new moms in the area. And wondering about daycare options. Send me a personal msg if you want. We live in Falls Church now but moving to Alexandria next week! (Groveton Area near Huntley Medows)
  • @pkgeller I live in Arlington but will be delivering at Fairfax hospital as the are one of the top rated for obstetrics and their nicu is the highest rated in the area
  • Beep - I PM'd you and would like to join the group on Facebook.  I'm not due until March, but would love to meet some local ladies.  I'm close to Ballston - in the Westover neighborhood.  Thanks!

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  • Hi! I had about 3 weeks ago and would love to meet some other moms especially new moms. I live in Alexandria. Can anyone recommend a group?
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    @jhammersla: inova hospital has a new moms group. The one in Alex meets Tuesdays at 12:00 at hospital on seminary/ Howard st.
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