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Are at home dry clean kits safe? Like dryel? I can't seem to find anything online or on the package, and honestly didn't even think about it until my aunt mentioned it's dangerous...

It's too cold to turn on the water at my house to do laundry - I was going to freshen a few sweaters and work pants!

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  • How could it not be safe?
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  • I have no idea, I never thought it would be risky, but two of my aunts are worried about me drycleaning some stuff at home - said to watch out for the chemicals. I found nothing online, and I feel like if the chemicals were so toxic it wouldn't be sold at general grocery stores or would come with warnings...but then there's a lot I don't know about too.
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  • If you get your closed dry cleaned all the time over years and years and years it is possibly associated with cancer. I don't think using it occasionally will do any harm. If it was a known teratogen you would find stuff online I'm sure. Good luck though.
  • I'm not sure to be honest. I know dryer sheets have tons of known carcinogens and neurotoxins that are known to cause several neurological issues. Maybe do an ingredient comparison?
  • Thanks...I'll go back to my original plan of just using it! I never even gave it a thought, and seems like no one else has either. My dryer is basically outside (greenhouse) so if there are fumes, they'll be far from me! You would think if it could have damaging effects on a growing fetus there would be SOMETHING out there as a warning, here's to hoping my aunt is paranoid!
  • My mom didn't want me carrying ornament boxes downstairs because I shouldn't be carrying stuff downstairs. So yeah, I think paranoid is within the realm of possibility.
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