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Birthday party while pregnant

My son will be turning 6 January 29 and we will  be having his birthday party of January 31.  I will be 9 months pregnant at that time (I'm due February 8).  I'm just looking for any advice on being that pregnant while running a birthday party for young boys.  We will be having it at a children's gym so the activities and everything will already be planned and done by the instructors but I want to interact and have fun with my son and his friends but I feel like I will feel so big and tired at that point in my pregnancy.  I will also have my 12 year old, 10 year old, 3 year old twin boys, and an almost 23 month old and an almost 11 month old to keep up with too.

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    Those are all your kids? 

    Look - 6 year old boys don't need the mom to interact with them.  Really, they don't.  Let them all do their thing and have fun.  Worry about the other kids and let the b-day boy have fun w/ his buddies. 

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