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Baby Shower Venues in Houston

Does anyone recommend any baby shower venues in Houston? Small, nice and inexpensive would be ideal.

Re: Baby Shower Venues in Houston

  • I'm not sure. I'm just having mine at my MIL's house.
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  • nery022 did you ever find a place? I am looking for a place too. I really don't want to do a restaurant and I'm not planning a wedding so i don't want a huge ordeal. Just looking for space to accomdate 30-40 people comfortably and reasonable.  
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  • Maybe a neighborhood community center? I think they are pretty cheap to rent, especially if someone you know lives in the neighborhood. 
  • I know I'm really late on this thread, but I had my shower at St. Andrews on Heights Blvd. It fits about 60 people comfortably and has a kitchen area. I think my mom paid 250 for the day.
  • Bayland Park Community Center has a $100 deposit and you get it back if you leave the room nice and clean (so it's basically free!). You get the room for the day (8am to 3:30pm; any time after that would bring the costs up). They have rooms to accommodate anywhere from 20 to 300 people, a full kitchen with four ovens and two stove tops, plus an ice machine. Not to mention there is also a huge park in case you have men and children attending who just can't stand to sit inside ;).

    I know this is pretty late advice but just in case someone looks here in the future, there ya go!
  • Hi Ladies - I'm an event planner and just recently scoped out budget friendly locations for an upcoming Bridal shower at the end of this month. The most economical and flexible venue I found was Cafe Benedicte (right outside of Katy on I-10). Vanessa has been absolutely amazing and we have free reign to do whatever needs to be done as far as decor and set up is concerned. They have a private room that will seat 30 people comfortably. My second choice for the shower was the 1940 Terminial at Hobby Airport. They allow outside catering and have a number of room options (check out the Theater room). If you have any questions or need any help in your planning proceeded please don't hesitate to reach out to me. [email protected] Happy planning!
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