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Sibling name for Anthony

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Im 39 weeks and we still dont have a name for this baby boy yet. DS name is Anthony, we call him Tony. He is named after his dad and FIL.
I'm leaning towards Robert. Its my dads name, orginally I wasnt going to go with that but over the last couple of months my dad got diagnoised with stage 4 brain cancer and the idea of naming this little one after him is defiently on my mind. For some reason I just can't commit to it. But I havent been able to commit to a name for the last 9 months.
i would like a name that has a shorter nickname. DH likes traditional names, nothing to out of thr box. Some other names we have thought of are but dont think we are going to go with for one reason or another are..

Max -but I dont like any of the long names for this name.
Thomas -but really tommy and tony? I just cant
Joseph - which there are a lot of on DHs side
Michael -which is my brothers name and I dont really want him to be named after my brother
thats all I can think of with out thr list in front of me.

So anyway, im feeling the pressure to at least pick like a couple names to pick from when we see himnor just to pick a damn name. im worried that after birth I wont be able to decide.
Any thoughts?

Re: Sibling name for Anthony

  • How about William? That's dh's name and he goes by Billy, his brother's name is Anthony (Tony.) I think Bill or Billy and Tony go together nicely.
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  • Michael (Mike)
    Allen (Al)
    Christopher (Chris)
    Andrew (Andy)
    Nicholas (Nick)
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  • Love Vincent and Joseph and Michael

    What about:

  • What about Robert in the middle name spot?

    William Robert
    Joseph Robert
    Nathan Robert
    Dominic Robert
    Phillip Robert
    Benjamin Robert
    Jonah Robert
    Elijah Robert
    Jonas Robert
    Mitchell Robert
  • Those are all great names that you guys suggested but have all been vetoed for one reason or another.. mostly because we have family members with those names!

    George was on my list. Ita my grandfathers name, but I just cant picture calling a baby george (I know thats werid.)

    What do you guys think of Samson? Samson Robert or Robert Samson
  • Antony Robert an Vincent are great names!

    I'm not sold on Samson.
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  • Joshua


















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  • Wait... what's wrong with Robert, nickname Rob? 
    Vive Les Frasers
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  • I love Robert. I was really pulling for Robert for the boy in my belly, but DH had a good argument against.

    However, my dad is a Robert, went by Robbie when young and rob now. My great uncle is also Robert, went by bobby when young and bob now. Not a big bob fan, but it's got options :)
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  • Robert is a great name. Also, Steven, Marcus, Phillip, Benjamin, Douglas, Andrew
  • Love Robert especially because it is your dads name
  • Thanks for all our your suggestions! DH and I stayed up late last night talking about it. We made a short list and I think will take it to the hospital with us. I will probably end up with Robert as his name or Robert as his middle name. 
    Thanks for all your suggestions!
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  • I like Patrick Robert the best. Patrick is so underused. Samson is not my style.



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  • I really like Patrick. Maybe Patch for an informal nn?


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  • Patrick Robert is great. I also really like Vincent and Robert as first names! I think vinnie and tony would be good together. Good luck!
  • Vincent and Patrick are great.
    James, Richard, Michael, William, Garrett, Phillip.
  • I know this is old, I just had to reply because my sons name is Anthony, who is named after my husband, which is also my FIL's name. And my father's name is Robert. We're leaning towards Michael, Brandon or Daniel.
  • Joseph Robert
  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Sorry about your father’s diagnosis.  I like Robert and it would be nice to honor your dad and “even things out” since Anthony is named for your husband and FIL
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