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The Birth Place through St. Joes

Did anyone here deliver at the Birth Place at St. Joes? Looking to change physicians so I can deliver there for our 3rd baby.

Any information would be great :)
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Re: The Birth Place through St. Joes

  • St. Joes has amazing facilities and staff in both the BP and L&D. I highly recommend moving to them if possible!
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  • I delivered at St. Joe's as well and they are truly amazing! I had a fantastic experience, I did not use the Birth Place but the Labor/Delivery and the Birth Place share Nurses, so you receive the same amazing care from both!
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  • I am a FTM but will be delivering at Joe's. I love their facility and staff!
  • I delivered 3 kids at the Birth Place.  The nurses are very accommodating to your wishes and are helpful in having you achieve the birth plan you choose.  I had different drs each time, so each experience was very different, however the wonderful nurses and peaceful atmosphere remained.  One birth I was saddled with a new (to my practise) dr who tried to do everything anti natural birth and the nurses really stuck up for me and my plan (baby was fine, she just wanted to rush my delivery).   Also they do a follow up at your house a couple days after and really show their caring and compassionate side.  I highly recommend! 
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