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Hi Everyone!  I'm due June 30th with our first baby and I want to start looking into daycares.  I plan on taking 12 weeks off work and then returning full-time at the end of September/early October.  Does anyone have any daycare recommendations?  We live in Camp Hill, I work in Mechanicsburg and DH works in Harrisburg near Progress Ave. 

I got a postcard in the mail for KinderCare's open house, and I just spoke with a woman who said their rate for full-time newborn is $277/week.  Does this seem high?  She said they do provide formula but I've heard from friends and co-workers that they paid around $200 or $220 a week

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    Hi and congrats! I'm due June 3rd and just started my daycare search today, and received a quote from KinderCare just a couple of hours ago. For their facility on Londonderry Rd in Harrisburg, they quoted me $256/week. I asked for a quote for a 3 month old, since like you, I'll be taking 12 weeks off. Your quote does sound a little high, but not considerably so, especially if the quote was for one of the West Shore locations. As a point of comparison, I also received a quote from U-GRO Union Deposit, and it was $222/week. KinderCare will allow for part-time, as well, while U-GRO is only full-time until the baby is a year old.
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