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Mary Birch stories, tips, suggestions?

Delivered our last baby at Kaiser Zion and it was a fine experience. We lucked out and had a private, though small, room.  They were pretty hands off, though were reluctant to put me in a room for some reason and all the residents post partum were a bit annoying.  Kaiser seems to be very non-intervention but I'm guessing it's because they're an HMO and interventions are expensive.  Worked out well for me since we prefer natural childbirth.

Having this baby at Mary Birch and would love to hear some stories, good or bad, and tips about what to expect. 


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Re: Mary Birch stories, tips, suggestions?

  • I will be delivering at Mary Birch as well. I just signed us up for classes and the baby on the way event. We will be at the April 8th event, when will you be coming?
  • I will be having my second baby here in August. I wouldn't deliver anywhere else. The nurses are phenomenal and so is the rest of the staff. I love that they are very supportive no matter what kind of birth experience you desire. I can't wait to deliver here again!
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  • I used to work in the postpartum unit at Sharp Mary Birch. It was the best hospital I ever worked at. They are currently in the process of becoming Baby Friendly certified. I'm bummed I have to have my baby at the Naval Hospital. All the postpartum rooms are private. Some are pretty small, but a few are huge. Just luck of the draw.
  • I just gave birth to my son at Mary birch. It was a really great experience. My labor was long but all the nurses from each shift were really nice. After delivery, some of the nurses who were there the first day came back to visit us! The extra people in case there are any issues have good, positive personalities. Everyone asks how you want them to be during your labor so they can abide by that. After delivery, the nurses assigned to our room were helpful in bathing and latching. Whenever we needed anything they were on it! Good luck and may your experience be just as wonderful for you and your little one!
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