Recommendations on an all in one baby food maker

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I'm looking for recommendations on the best all in one baby food makers that both steam and puree. Not too small because I'd love to make big batches at once to freeze.  It seems like they're more negative reviews then positive out there  and was wondering if it was even worth it to register for one  or just steam the old fashioned way and then use a food processor. Thanks in advance!

Re: Recommendations on an all in one baby food maker

  • bay511 said:

    Dh also has an emulsifying blender that was way more powerful and worked fine. He's culinary, so I don't know if that's a normal kitchen aid but it worked well.

    Honestly we fed baby food for such a short period of time that a "gadget" would have been the biggest waste of money. JMO.

    This. Also, change your username!

    We got a very small hand-crank baby food mill as a present that we find kinda nice when traveling, but really? Oatmeal for breakfast cooked in the rice cooker. Then whatever we're having for dinner mashed with a fork.

    If we want to prepare in bulk (or the food is tougher than fork-soft) we use an ordinary blender. I have no idea what possible advantage there could be of a specialized baby food blender over an ordinary blender. Except it's probably more expensive and of lower quality, simultaneously.
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  • We use the food processor. Who has space for 8 millions kitchen gadgets.
  • I vote for limiting kitchen appliances of possible. I used my ninja blender with DD. I had a mini food processor with DS (he was first) but it'd was smallish and one more appliance to keep around. I do everything with my ninja.

    I just steamed veggies and fruits, sometimes adding a few spices, pureed in blender, froze in ice cube trays and stored in plastic bags in the freezer. It was super simple and I only had to spend and hour or two on a few occasions to have enough for the few months my kids ate purees (5.5 to 9 months maybe).
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  • I also had a specialized baby food maker but only used it once because it was horrible, just didn't work! My regular food processor was much better and I only steamed some of the food beforehand. So you may end up boiling and baking food instead of steaming it. For example I would bake sweet potatoes, apples, squash and I would boil peas and green beans.
  • I bake then purée in our ninja blender. DS has been eating solids for about 3 months now and he's nearly over purées already.
  • Oven roast and then use a potato masher or regular food processor or a $25 immersion blender.

    I really liked the Baby Bullet, though (thanks Scout) for a couple months because the containers were much smaller so I wasn't hauling out my 12qt food processor for what amounted to a single cup of green beans or something.

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  • I had the Beaba and used it constantly.  I loved it.  I actually still use it to make my own applesauce and purees for soups. 

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