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How should I spell this name?

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I'm really liking the name Fiva for a daughter.

Let me say real quick, yes this is a legitimate name. It's an old Russian name, origin a little confusing, but it either comes from the same Greek root as Phoebe, or the Greek name Thebe.

Anyway, it's super rare in English, so I wouldn't say there is a 'correct' spelling of it. My favorite spelling is Fiva, but I'm afraid people would pronounce it Fih-va, instead of Fee-va, like it's supposed to be. But Feeva looks funny written out to me.

So.. Fiva? Feeva? Other spellings?

Update: I would also be okay with a name that is similar, as long as Fiva would be an nice nickname to go with it.

Re: How should I spell this name?

  • My first thought reading it was Fee-va. I would spell it however it's most commonly spelled in Russia. Not a huge fan btw. The first thing that came to mind was, "I got a fe-vah! And the only cure is more cowbell!"
    Well I can't spell it with Russian letters on an American birth certificate, so... Фива is how it is spelled though.
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  • I actually initially said it "fi-va" like high-five. I'll let the more experienced determine the spelling, because I have no idea!
  • I first though five-uh. I would stick with the traditional spelling and explain to people who don't know the pronunciation. That's just what happens when you choose an non traditional name.
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  • @dreadpiratebuttercup the thing is, there doesn't seem to be a 'correct' spelling because I've never seen it used in English (except as a last name, but I think that's a totally different name). The closest translation letter by letter would be Fiva, but the i doesn't come across the same as the Russian version does.
  • I pronounced it Fee-va when I saw it because it made me think of FIFA.  But I honestly think you would get Five-ah just as often which is a very unfortunate name.  

    I would personally keep looking and maybe MN it.  
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  • I pronounced it Five-ah :( after I read how it's actually pronounced I can't stop singing. "You give me fever" I would consider it for a middle name.
  • I pronounced it Fee-va from the start, but I have a little background in Russian names.  I do think you'll get Five-ah more often, but I don't know if there's a way around that.  Do you think using a Ph instead of F would lead to a more intuitive pronunciation because of Phoebe?
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  • I got fee-vuh, like fever with an odd accent.
    Fiona? Phoebe? Idk..
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  • My first thought was Five-uh, too.  It's a nice name, though.
  • I read Fee-va. And I think Fiva is the closest transliteration of Фива.
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  • Thanks all! I'm mostly worried about mispronounciations. My full name is also Russian, and ridiculously hard for Americans to say, so I worry about these names. I think Fiva will work good, but I haven't started seriously considering names yet (not planning on kids yet)
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