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Anxious about breastfeeding; determined to BF but the thought weirds me out...

Please understand that I know "they're for feeding your baby", and that it's "the most natural thing in the world." What I'm hoping for are women who felt this way and got over it! The thought of breastfeeding me the willies. I have very small (AA), very sensitive breasts. I can "O" from breast play alone, so to me, regardless of the media's influence, MY breasts have always been very sexual to ME. I am so determined to give my baby the best start (ie breastfeeding), and I know pumping can be just as, if not more, challenging. But the anxiety of this--basically my balking at the idea of latching--is causing nightmares and anxiety. Not exactly something I can chat with my husband about!

Advice would be much appreciated; non-judgemental, and people from similar situations, even more so!! Do those feelings go away?? Did BFing affect your sex life at all? Did your squickiness go away the moment you laid eyes on your baby? Haaaallllp

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  • I completely agree with @vvvvvfee.  She and PP are right in that things will be different after LO is born.  I, too, was "weirded out" about breastfeeding before having LO but felt like I owed it to him to give it a try.  Once LO was born and I held him in my arms, BF just felt so natural.  In the beginning, BF did affect my sex life.  In addition to my breast becoming non-sexual, I was so afraid of them leaking.  BF can also dry you out so lots of lube was needed to be comfortable.  I encourage you to talk to your H about your feelings.  Babies can be tough and it's important that you two are on the same page.  While there have been many challenges in our BF journey, it's a journey that we continue to enjoy and one I will always cherish.  GL!!
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  • I was sort of in the same boat as you before I had my LO three weeks ago. The whole idea weirded me out, but I knew it was best for baby.
    Honestly, my son barely gave me a choice-within seconds of birth he was trying to latch. In that moment, I really did completely forget the weird feelings and just focus on feeding my son.
    Since then, I've dealt with a lot of sensitivity and discomfort, but we've gotten through it. I can't say I feel any more bonded with my son during breastfeeding than when I give him a bottle, but I don't regret the decision to breastfeed AT ALL. I love knowing he is getting the best nutrition possible.
    As for my sex life, I can't say how it will be affected yet, it's still too early for me to feel comfortable trying, but I do anticipate some changes. I'm sure my husband and I will have to communicate and find new ways to approach intimacy, but I feel as long as we're open and honest with one another, we'll be fine.
  • Thank you very much. It's amazing what some words of encouragement can do! I'm a lucky gal with a great hubs so I know we will be fine. Plus in my nightmares, I do still end up "gettin' er done" as it were...! I'm gonna assume when he/she arrives it will feel right.
  • Baha thank you for the honest info, and not brushing off what to me are very real fears lol. 
  • Awesome, honest advice. Thank you.
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