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First Pregnancy…happy, scared and nervous

Got a positive pregnancy test on 12/22, which was a great Christmas gift considering this was our first month trying…thought it would be at least a few months. I am super excited but all these new little twinges and cramps scare me. My midwife won't see me until 10 weeks, I'm only 5 weeks and that just seems like a LONG time to not know what's going on. How can I help put myself at ease without freaking myself out? I just want to make sure that both the baby and I are healthy.

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  • Everything she said is exactly right. My first appt is 8 weeks but that's only because I had some pain early one and I had a previous miscarriage. The reasons doctors schedule them later is because even if you end up mis carrying there is nothing they can do to stop it, so they wait until a little later. The only advice I can think of is don't google lol. If you google every pain and symptom you will drive yourself crazy. Also a lot of moms tend to think " omg I'm not puking my guts up so something must be wrong " and that isn't true at all. Every pregnancy is different, this baby causes terrible nausea around 2 am, my first I had none! Symptoms of lack of does not have anything to do with the health of the pregnancy. Don't let anyone scare you by saying anything like that. And other than that, just start taking some prenatal vitamins and you're good to go. Congrats!
  • Everything about pregnancy is waiting. It's a long 9 months. Try to keep busy between appointments, and not stress to much. 5 weeks is really to early to do or see anything on an ultrasound. That's why most doctors want see you till you are 10-12 weeks. Congrats.
  • Congratulations!  Try and stay calm and stress free.  Just remember there's a lot going on in your body!!!
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  • First of all, congratulations! As one of the PPs mentioned, there is a lot of waiting in pregnancy so try not to stress about it too much. You're going to feel a lot of wierd cramps and things every so often and at every stage of your pregnancy, it is totally normal. The only time to worry is if you experience bleeding or severe pain. Good luck! 
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  • Thanks everyone for your responses! I am going to try and keep calm and avoid stressing out!
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  • Congratulations I found out the same day and on Christmas day I told my partner.. Its my first too and we were planning. I find only thing thats being making me less stressed and nervous is to eat well green and fruit and dairy and your on the right track. I also got all my blood tests for now to reassure n my health for me and the baby so far. And when I freak out about foods I can and cant have I Google. Hope I jave helped . When did they say your due date is? Mones Augusf 31st
  • I found out when i was about 6-7 weeks and my OB won't see me until I'm 12 weeks, which is next  week. I've been cramping nonstop for 4 weeks at least, nauseous but not vomiting, but stressed out of my mind. This is my first one too. :) Best thing I've done for the stress is a heating pad around my shoulders and neck. That's where all the tension gathers on me at least. Don't google all the pains and symptoms (like I did), it doesn't really help since every woman is so different. As long as you're doing everything you can (eating better, prenatals, exercising, etc.), there's not much else you can do so try and let the worry go. Congrats!
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  • Congratulations! You've gotten a lot of great advice already. 10 weeks feels like for ever and sounds like a long time but think of it this way, it's actually a good sign. If they were concerned about anything and wanted to see you earlier that would not be how you want to start off this pregnancy. :) Because of ectopic concerns I've had two appointments and at 5w3d all you could see was the yolk sac, nothing exciting. If you wait until 10 you will have a heart beat and maybe even little arms and legs ;)

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