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toys...fussy during play

I'm confused with Itty bit lately. It seems like she's interested in playing and after less than 5 minutes she's crying and screaming. The only toys she "plays" with are small teethers and rattles she can fit her hands around. Play is usually holding onto said toy and putting it in and out of her mouth. I only give her one toy at a time and wait until she's done before attempting a new toy.
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Re: toys...fussy during play

  • I get this too but I think it's because it's not rubing on her gums the way she wants it to. If I take away the toy she's fussing with and distract her with something else or my finger she usually calms down.
  • I can think of a few reasons. Frustration, like @AyannaPC‌ described...they just can't do what they want quite yet. Overstimulation, also. I can't see sigs since I'm always mobile but is she near a wonder week (19ish weeks)? That could lead to more grumpiness and a sudden behavior change. If so, maybe shorten playtime for the next week or two until she's happier. Or help her with whatever she's trying to do.
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  • She's about 22 weeks (will be 5 months on fri) she was 4 weeks early though. I was considering maybe she's starting to teeth but I don't see or feel any buds. She recently went through a bout of sleeping long periodsof time then yest and today she has been eating a ton.
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  • That sounds a lot like a wonder week. Growing, either physically or mentally could lead to extra sleep and calorie needs. Usually they need extra cuddles and get more easily upset for a few days to a few weeks then start learning a whole host of new skills. DS is starting to be happier again after a frustrating 2 weeks and is suddenly much better at grasping, sitting, and rolling.
  • That's frustraiting lol. She just figured out expressive talking, rolling over and grasping. Maybe after she's done she'll know how to sit and laugh. I hope it doesn't last long though...she's making my boobs hurt from all her eating lol
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  • She's also become a diva, she used to sleep anywhere, now she wants to sleep in her crib or pack n play and she's started only cat napping..
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  • It's totally frustrating! Just give me a minute with two hands, kid. DS hasn't slept without being held or me lying next to him in several days. He used to nap in his bouncy seat in the late afternoon but I tried for 20 minutes to get him to go to sleep (dark, white noise, bouncing him) and he wouldn't even close his eyes.
  • Have you tried toys with mirrors on them? I know when DS is fussy he prefers his toys with mirrors on them.
  • Lol she doesn't seem interested in mirrors. She may just be in a growth spurt or a leap. Idk :P
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  • Lo hates mirrors! He will play on his play mat for a little while, but I can't just leave him with a toy. He would only be ok with that for a few minutes max.
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  • DS1 didn't really actually play with a toy until he could sit and do things like pull toys out of a box. He (not now but as a baby) and DS2 always want to be held upright or be out and people watch.


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