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How to start solids

We just went to lo's 4 mo appt and doc said to start rice cereal and then a new food each week. I think doc said to start with doing solids at breakfast and dinner to start. My dh and I cannot remember what she said on how to start solids. Do you give it to lo first and then finish with breastmilk...or do you do breastmilk and then give lo a bit of the cereal? When do you add the frequency of during the day?

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  • Breastmilk first. It's still their major supply of nutrients then offer cereal. I generally do it after morning nap or in the afternoon basically whenever it's convenient.
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    We just started about 4 nights ago. We started with oatmeal cereal. I have either nursed on one side only (I have one side that produces a lot more so that side) or giving a bottle one oz less than normal. This has been working good because he is not completely full but he has a little room left but isn't demanding milk. I am making the cereal with about 1.5 oz of breastmilk.
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  • I haven't started DD yet but will next month when she is 6 months. With DS, I always nursed and then an hour later offer the solids.
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  • We talked about this at peds today. Ours said the goal is to work up to three "meal times" (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and two-three snack times between 6-9 months. She said always give breastmilk first, then to begin just add cereal at one "meal time" per day, like breakfast.
  • I haven't started yet (DS will be 5-months next week), but will give it a go this weekend.  We will do what @caybeh suggested - offered solids an hour after nursing.  I will likely do so after the first/second feeding as DS is generally in a better mood earlier in the day.  This is the method we followed with DS1 and it worked well.

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    My ped said no cereal or solids until 6 months. She gave me a copy of a study that correlates childhood obesity and starting solids early (4-6 months). I will try to find it online and post it.
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  • Consider Baby Led Weaning. You wait until 6 months, when they sit unassisted and their tongue thrusting is gone. You skip all the purees and cereals and just go to offering whole foods that they can explore and learn to bite and chew on their own. We did this with DS and it was so liberating. No puréeing, no buying baby foods, just fed him steamed veggies and raw fruits and whatever meats we cooked up. And we didn't have to sit in front if him and hope he swallowed the next spoonful. I love it. We're doing it again with DD.
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  • Our pediatrician recommend waiting until he shows genuine interest in the food on our plates. When he shows interest let him take it and try it himself. He also said skip the rice cereal because it doesn't provide any significant nutrition, and can even cause constipation if started too early.
  • For anyone looking at BLW, come to Facebook. There's a page called baby led weaning for beginners. It was started by Pinkdingo in my Feb13 board and has a decent following. It's not for the true religious BLW style moms, but has a great support community for those who want to try it or want to speak to moms with ideas and experience.
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