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FN for Margaret/Mary as MN

Hi all,
We really want to use either Mary or Margaret for the middle name. It's in honor of my grandma who passed just days before conception and weirdly, the due date is 5 days before her birthday. We think it would be a great way to honor her as her first name was Mary Margaret. However, we are struggling to find a name that goes well with either as a middle! Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate them! Thanks :)

Re: FN for Margaret/Mary as MN

  • Sure! The few names we have liked so far are...
    Emmeline (nn Emmy)

    So we tend to like ones that aren't super popular!
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  • @jburdet1 I had thought about doing that as well. Could you possibly recommend some good nn to help sway the DH? The funny thing is, my grandma hated her name and always tried to pass the Margaret off as her middle name but I always thought it was nice. Now there's a character on Once Upon a Time with that name!
  • I'm Mary, but my nn is Molly. My sister is Margaret, nn = Maggie
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  • For Mary, I love Molly.
    For Margaret:

    I'm probably forgetting a lot but I'm sure others will pick up.

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  • Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! They have been very helpful!
    [Deleted User]ColeRose
  • Natalia Margaret is very nice.

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  • My little sister is Lily Margaret! 
  • Emmeline Margaret, Emmeline Mary, Natalia Margaret, Natalia Mary, Isla Margaret, and Isla Mary all sound fine. I would say Natalia Margaret is your best option. The others are fairly popular. Emmalyn is a made up misspelling of Emmeline, Harper is unattractive and super trendy, and I don't like the alliteration with Mila.

    Alice Margaret/ Alice Mary
    Alexandra Margaret/Alexandra Mary
    Aurora Margaret
    Aurelia Margaret/Aurelia/Mary
    Beatrix Margaret/Beatrix Mary
    Clara Margaret
    Eloise Margaret/Eloise Mary
    Eleanor Mary
    Flora Margaret
    Genevieve Margaret/Genevieve Mary
    Helena Margaret/Helena Mary
    Iris Margaret
    Ivy Margaret
    Julia Margaret
    Juliet Mary
    Josephine Margaret/Josephine Mary
    Louisa Margaret/Louisa Mary
    Noelle Margaret
    Rosalie Margaret
    Rose Margaret
    Rosalind Margaret
    Rosemary Margaret
    Scarlett Mary
    Susanna Margaret/Susanna Mary
    Thea Margaret
    Violet Mary
    Victoria Margaret/Victoria Mary
    Wilhelmina Margaret/Wilhelmina Mary
    Willa Margaret

    You could also use different forms of Margaret/Mary, or names that have Mary in then.

    Margot, Marguerite, Greta, Mairead

    Miriam, Marie, Marilyn, Miren, Moira

    Rosemary, Marigold

    Girlfriend knows what she's talking about. Love Alice Margaret and the suggestion of Marigold.
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  • Emmeline Mary or Isla Mary sound fine!
  • I'm sorry for your loss, my grandmother, whose name is also Margaret, passed away the day after thanksgiving this year and so we are honoring her with our little girl's name which will be Lillian Margaret. Some other names I considered were:

    Elodie Margaret
    Fiona Margaret
    Cecielia Margaret
  • Thank you ladies for all the great suggestions! I am not good at this naming thing!

    @JessyAlfred I'm so sorry for your loss. This was our first holiday without my grandma and it was tough. It will be nice to be able to honor them in this way.
  • What about naming her Margaret Mary- her nick name could be Maggie.  I think using those names as either first and middle (or even as one first name) is very pretty!
  • I am Dawn Margaret, with a nn from grandparents as a kid of Maggie. Mine is in honor and rememberance of my maternal grandmother who passed when my mom was 5. I have a cousin that is Haley Margeret. A friend recently named her girl Eloise Margaret.
    I became a mother because of adoption. She is the absolute love of my life. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker formerly known as sw_in_kc
  • I love Isla Margaret
  • If we were having a girl, we considered Katherine Margaret. Katherine bring a family name everywhere you look and Margaret was my grandmother's name. My mom is Katherine Mary, so I think it flows well, also.

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