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Help me weed some out :)

Hi there - starting to think about names. My sons are Reid Andrew and Evan Mark. Here are our thoughts on boy/girl names so far:


Clark Edward

Clark Raymond

Elliot Raymond



Lydia Elaine

Melia Cristina

Elena Megan


Go ahead and let me know what you think or pick your top one for boy/girl. Open to other suggestions, but the middle names are all from family members :).

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Re: Help me weed some out :)

  • I think your boy names are good. I probably like Clark and Elliot about the same. I think I like Clark better with your sibset to avoid a repeat of a beginning letter. My vote would be Clark Edward; very strong.

    For girls, I love Lydia Elaine and feel it fits perfect with your sons' names. I don't like the look of Melia and feel like it's a whole different style than your sons' names. I've never been a fan of Elena just because of it's pronunciation issues and I think it's too close to Evan.

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    [Deleted User]DawnJM25ombradellarosa
  • I vote Clark Edward on the boys name. I like Melia better than Lydia, but I don't love the mn with Melia.
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  • I agree with PP. The boy names are good and I like Lydia Elaine the most for the girls.
  • benmel31benmel31
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    I like Clark Edward and Lydia Elaine best. I love Lydia Elaine! 

     Other suggestions 
    Grant Edward 
    Arthur Raymond 
    Miles Raymond 
    Theo Edward

     Jillian Elaine 
    Victoria Elaine 
    Audrey Cristina

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  • Elliot and Elena.
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  • BananaLettuceBananaLettuce
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    I totally read this post as "I need some weed."

    Anyway, Clark Edward or Elliot Clark would be my boy pick and Elena Megan for the girl pick.
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  • Elliot & Elena! 
  • Elena is my favorite of the girl names, followed by Lydia. I don't care for Melia at all.

    I like Elliot and Clark equally so I'm no help there. I think I like Elliot a bit more, but it's a little more popular currently than Clark is.


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  • Clark Elliot and Megan Christine
  • My nephew's name is Elliott Raymond :)
  • Clark and Lydia!


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  • Lydia Elaine. Elliot Raymond
  • My votes would be for Lydia Elaine and Clark Edward

  • Elena Christine
  • Elliot and Lydia

  • Clark Edward

    And I love the name Elena for a girl


  • Clark Edward and Lydia Elaine!
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