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TTC ovulation test Q and A's

Hello, I had a miscarriage in august and we have been TTC since then. Just this month I finally started using opk's and they are a little confusing so I wanted advice. I've had positive ovulation test for 6 days in a row. I did take clomid this month so idk if that plays into anything. Idk if I should be worried about 6 positives or not. Any advice? I took a test today and I think it's a negative my phone won't let me add a picture. Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • 6 days of positives doesn't sound right.  Are you sure that the test line is as dark or darker than the control line?  OPKs are different than HPT and the darkness of the line does matter.  I do not think that taking Clomid would affect this, but you might want to call your doc and ask.  Are you seeing an RE and having monitoring done while taking the Clomid?  What is the reason for the Clomid?

    I'm sorry for your loss.  Welcome to the board!
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  • I am pretty sure they have all been the same color with one being a tad darker. When I took my first 3 test there was no line at all, then a line was there but not darker than control, and then they seemed to be the same color for 6 days. The one I took today still looks to me as if it is the same darkness. My ob/gyn prescribed clomid because my cycles were extremely irregular. After my miscarriage my cycles have been fairly normal. I am not being monitored at the moment.
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  • Everything @petrastonegirl said.  I too had an OB offer to prescribe me Clomid but luckily thanks to the ladies on the Bump I asked for a referral to an RE.  Each of my Clomid cycles have resulted in a different number of mature or likely mature follicles, despite the same dose.  And I recently had a full on positive OPK with no mature follicles on ultrasound, so no real correlation.  I'd have no idea what is going on with my body without ultrasounds/bloodwork.  I hope you find a good RE!
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  • So sorry for your loss. Welcome. I hope you're not suffering from information overload now, but I am glad you asked your question so you can get the full picture.
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