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Subchorionic hemorrhage

So I was diagnosed at 14 weeks with a pretty large hemorrhage 11cm by 6cm), and i haven't been able to find many other women who have been through this our who still are. I'm 18 weeks and 3 days and i can feel baby kicking everyday! I'm pretty confident that my body has healed, but is anyone else going through this?

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  • I was diagnosed with one about the same size at week ten. Scary isn't it :) I am now 18+6 and I can feel my little girl wiggling around in there too. My obgyn stopped me having weekly scans as recommended by my GP and said to chill. I have my morphology scan on Jan 8 to see how everything is going in there. I spotted for about 6 weeks and that has stopped so fingers are crossed that it has healed. Even if it hasn't, my obgyn wasn't concerned. Fingers crossed for you :)
  • I have one right now. Mine is 7.5 cm started bleeding at 14 weeks. Will be 19 weeks tomorrow. Drs are not too worried as the bleeding is not bright red. Hoping to see some improvements at my next ultrasound on the 9th. I have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now.
  • I have had one since 7 weeks. I spotted a little then they thought it was fine. At 14 weeks I had severe bleeding that landed me in the hospital and I've been on pelvic rest and light duty ever since. I've stopped bleeding for the first time but 3 weeks ago. It's been really frustrating since there does t seem to be much they can do to help and bleeding for months on end is no fun.
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  • I had one made me bleed throughout my whole pregnancy up to 18 weeks. I am 23 weeks now and every looked fine while I was bleeding and baby and my insides still look good now. My doctor was not concerned, even though it looked large on the ultrasound. He said I just had to wait until it bled out. Let me tell you how nerve racking that was, but everything was fine!
  • I had this with my first pregnancy. I had bleeding from 7 weeks. It was everything from spotting to a decent amount of blood where I would have to wear a pad. It was extremely scary and my doctor said I just had to wait it out but my son was born with no problems and he is now a healthy 16 month old!!
  • I have been dealing with this since week 5. We have made it to week 20. Still bleeding but baby is very healthy and strong.
  • I have been dealing with a SCH and bleeding since week 8, I am now 13 weeks. At 12 weeks I passed a clot that was as big as the palm of my hand. My doctor put me on bed rest and is very concerned. Unfortunately I lost my last pregnancy at 17 weeks due to a 9cm SCH. This hematoma is 6x5cm. It sounds like some doctors aren't as concerned as mine so I'm not sure what to think. Just scared.
  • I had one that healed with this pregnancy, they never told me the size either time so I'm not sure how big it was. I only had small spotting. I also had it with my son and he came out healthy at 40 weeks 2days. It's scary specially when they don't tell you anything. Good luck with it ladies and keep your head up, everything will be fine.
  • An update on my SCH - all gone by my 20 week scan :) Mine was a similar size. You'll be right :)
  • I had my first hemorrhage at 7 weeks and my second at 12 weeks. I was convinced the second time was ending up in a miscarriage. But I am now almost 25 weeks with my twin girls and doing great. I have still had a few bleeds here and there but mostly old blood from the hematomas. It's so scary when it's happening but I'm sure you will be just fine! But stay off your feet as much as you can! Good luck!!!
  • And just so you know I bled through a full 6 weeks with my last hemorrhage and over time the few clots I had shrunk.
  • I had a 5cm at 10 weeks and unfortunely we lost the baby. I was told by my OB that subchorionic hematomas are very common in pregnancy and they usually resolve themselves and ur own body absorbes it. You are far enough along in ur pregnancy that the hematoma shouldn't prevent the placenta and baby from developing. Keep ur happy positive thoughts everything will be OK!!! Good luck

    PS one week after my miscarriage due to a sub hematoma I got pregnant and out little angel will be here in may!!! Everything works out in the end...

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