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Name My Non Existent Baby!

DS1 is Graeme Allen

We are going to TTC #2 soon!

Boy name: Theodore Clarke
Girl name: Isla ____

Thank you!!

Re: Name My Non Existent Baby!

  • Faye?


    BFP 1- EDD 2/09/11 Missed MC DX @11 weeks D&C- 7/25/10 BFP 2- EDD 12/22/11 Natural MC @ 5w 2d BFP 3- EDD 1/25/12 DD Josephine born 1/16/12

    Lilypie - (TUWi)


  • Isla Caroline
    Isla Juliet
    Isla Jane
    Isla Valentina
    Isla Penelope
    Isla Dorothy
    Isla June
    Isla Pearl
    Isla Beatrice
    Isla Evangeline
    Isla Marigold
    Isla Danielle
    Ohh, thank you! I'm especially liking Pearl. It's my grandmother's MN :)
    [Deleted User]
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  • Thanks everyone!

    I like Pearl and Alexandra the best so far :)

    Also, what you you think about Isla Elowen? Too many L's?
  • My first thought when I read the title was Non (A welsh name, mother to St David)

    I think Elowen may be too many L's

    I would give so ideas but you already have a lot of good ones

  • DD2 is Isla Beth. We were thinking Elizabeth but I thought that was too L heavy.
    I wanted Isla June.
    I like PP's suggestion of Isla Faye

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  • Nicole. Faye. Faith. Penelope. Willow. Evangeline. Jane.
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