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I am not a lollipop!

DD started this lovely habit off pulling off like I'm a damn lollipop. Drives. Me. Nuts! And she likes to pinch my boob while nursing too. I'm hoping that these habits don't stick around.

That said baby girl loves her some solid foods. Bananas and applesauce go down very easy. She was definitely ready. She knew exactly what to do. And she likes to help feed herself by grabbing my pinky to bring the spoon to her mouth lol. That parts cute :)
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Re: I am not a lollipop!

  • We have pulling off and pinching over here too. I feel your pain! 

    I just tried solids for the first time yesterday. My pedi said to start with squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots, in that order (not sure why). We did squash, but she wasn't a fan, so here's hoping sweet potatoes go over better! 
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  • Go to the website incredible infant. The writer talks about different types of nursers. My son is a horrible nurser and goes on and off the boob, I feel your pain. The website helped me understand why he does that.
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  • My girl thinks it's a game. She will bite my nipple and look at me already laughing. It's super cute but painful.
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  • My DD2 does the same thing! It really hurts! I haven't been able to figure out anything to get her to stop. At this point I am just hoping that maybe my nipples just get used to it??  If you find any solutions, please let us know!
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  • Ug. I greatly dislike the popping. We stop nursing if he starts it up. He hasn't tried it again in days so maybe that got the message across? We'll see.

  • It doesn't hurt its just annoying lol. She makes big circles with her arm, until let down occurs then she pops off, lays flat, repeats. It's like come on child, just eat!
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  • Haha, love the lollipop metaphor. DS pops off now whenever he gets distracted, gives me a smile and latches back on.

    We also started solids this week (5 month birthday/xmas) and went with peas - he loves them! Was grabbing for the spoon and opens his mouth with a little pant pant for more.

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  • When they do that take them off the breast. They can eventually learn BF etiquette. I was just thinking the other day how i missed newborn BFdg.,. But then again it is pretty cute to see them having such a fun time smiling and grabbing even though it can be annoying :)
  • A chomps down and arches away, it freaking hurts!
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  • Every nursing session, LO gets even more creative with what she does with her free arm. I wore a gasoline powered turtleneck the other day and forget it... She wrapped it around her hand like a bandana. She hits, rubs, strokes, pinches and pokes. Lately she has been trying to reach my mouth to grab my own teeth. It's funny to me most of the time since I was only unable to nurse my. 5 year old for 3 months. Love them.
  • I hold DS's hand when I start getting annoyed with his poking and prodding. Nursing is a two way street so I set limits I can live with on behavior. They can learn rules like no biting via cause and effect. If you unlatch them for a minute each time they try it they eventually will stop/do it less often.
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