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ideas of food to give my 10 month old ?

I been giving my son veggies but in soup so nothing really to bite even though he only has two teeth. I am out of ideas to what else I should give him. He loves food which is a plus, I tried giving him scrambled eggs but in tiny pieces and he likes it so that's a plus! but I have tried chicken or meat only when I blend the veggies that's when I add chicken or turkey, no meat yet. I lurked in here and there is some similar questions but not exactly. Any ideas would be awesome! TIA!

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Re: ideas of food to give my 10 month old ?

  • My son is 10 months too with 2 teeth and one top tooth peeking through. He doesn't care much for baby food anymore so we have been trying all sorts of stuff: cottage cheese, cut up green beans, cut up carrots, cut up sweet potato, yogurt with fruit or plain, mac n cheese, applesauce, pear and mango fruit cups, and Gerber Crunchies. He likes all of these things. He doesn't care much for meat and he likes having food that he can pick up with his fingers. Hope this helps!

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  • My dd is crazy about baked potatoes, cut up and mushed. 

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  • my 10 month old with two bottom teeth can eat a sandwich with cheese and meat. I hold it for her and she takes bites. Just try stuff and see how he does. You might be surprised.

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  • My 10 mo. old stopped eating baby foods at 9 mo. and since we've just been trying everything. A few staples we keep in the house are: fruit cups packed in juice or water (he loves peaches and pears) Libby veggie cups packed in water (he loves beans and peas) frozen veggies like peas and squash (easy to heat up) bread and cheese to make a grilled cheese, Colbyjack Cheese sticks ( they are really soft), yogurt, Cheerios, pancake mix, chicken tenders, and baby puffs and melts. The fruit and veg cups are nice cuz I can throw them in the diaper bag too.

    We started introducing meat too, we just keep the pieces small. He loves chicken and meat balls!

    Hope that helps!
  • He can eat anything you do. My kids never did baby food. They don't need teeth to eat table food.
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    My 1 yr old loves waffles, green beans, peeled & sliced grapes, toast, chicken fettucini alfredo, puffs, shredded chicken & cheerios. She just has 2 teeth (front, bottom row) but handles it fine.
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    My son is 10 months and will eat literally anything, as long as it is cut small enough.  Until very recently, he only had two bottom teeth. At 8 months old, he was eating steak, teeny tiny bites of steak. Just offer the things that you are eating.  There is no reason to withhold any kind of food, except honey (not until after 1st birthday, honey can contain trace spores of botulism).  In fact, research indicates that introducing new foods earlier, at any point after six months, may reduce the risk of developing food allergies.  It often takes 10+ introductions of a food for a baby to take a liking to it, so don't be discouraged if they initially don't seem to care for something.
  • Between 9 and 10 months I started giving chunks of banana to get him used to chewing. I also would steam and freeze small pieces of his favorite foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, etc) and then I could just pull them out and quickly heat them up. He loved cottage cheese, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, steamed apples with cinnamon, mango, noodles. As long as it's soft and small enough he can have just about anything. Just before 11 months we did pieces of toast. I've also started to make a few "bites" that I found on Pinterest. One is broccoli and cheese and the other is apples, carrots and cheese. I can make those ahead of time and warm up (or not) what he needs.
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