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Addie and Sadie... Too similar?


I have a daughter named Adalynn, we always call her Addie. We are thinking of Sadie for this one.

Do you think they are too similar?

Other options are Elizabeth (Ellie) or Emily.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Addie and Sadie... Too similar?

  • Second the number of words that rhyme with Ellie, from my sister's experience.  Especially because she had a bit of a pudgy babyfat belly as a young kid, and I was a mean older sister :)

    And Addie and Sadie are both too similar and not similar enough - the slight difference makes it really hard to say - I'd be constantly saying "Ay-die" and "Sad-dy."

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  • Way too similar.


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  • Ha thanks! I would love to hear some of the songs :) Elizabeth with Ellie as a nn is my grandmothers name and I'm due in her birthday. But we have thought about doing Elle instead.

    @bromios‌ - those are the only names DH and I agree on right now... I'm open to other ideas.

    Thanks again everyone!
  • I like Sadie and I don't think it's too similar to Addie
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  • I vote Elizabeth after your grandmother. I would go with Libby as the nn; Addie and Libby sound adorable.

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  • Addie and Sadie are too similar.  My vote is Elizabeth, but Lizzie, Libby, or Beth for short.  There are way too many Ellies.
  • Why not Eliza? I think it sounds lovely with your other daughter's name, both given and nickname... 

    Addie and Eliza
    Adalynn and Eliza

    So pretty. 
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  • Too close
    Elizabeth is a great name

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