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How long...

Maybe a dumb question but ill ask anyhow. After iud removed still no sign of a period... No ovulation either... How long do you give it until you would be concerned?
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Re: How long...

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  • 60 days... but even then I still wouldn't panic.
    me:41   dh:43 
    Off Mirena Nov 2013, On Nuvaring end of Jan, Back off Sept 2014.  Never ending cycle starting end of Sept... 
    11/14 Provera failed... cycle continues 
    12/14 High FSH (57 "midcycle")  OBGYN had no clue... about anything 
    01/15 More lab results coming back from RE. U/S showed small (1")cyst on left ovary, thin lining, and couldn't locate right ovary so  possibly straight to DE and IVF 

    Occassionally mess with the chart below to see "what if" and learn (not to make it pretty but because FF stays drunk with me).  

    My Ovulation Chart
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