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What are your favorite natural brands for baby meds and bath/hygiene products? I've been looking at Earth Mama Angel Baby and California Baby. But I don't really see a whole lot of options for meds (seems a lot of them contain sugar, which I'm not cool with). Any suggestions? What are your must have natural meds or bath products? 

Re: Natural Baby Meds & Bath Products

  • I like Babyganics and Mustela. Both are very gentle for your LO. As far as natural medicines, Hylands is the only brand I can think of the I'm sure it has sugar.

    Why are you against sugar and what kind of meds are u looking for?
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  • Maty's chest rub is great!

    Not for nothing, when it's needed, there is no substitute for Tylenol or Mortin. Going natural when possible/practical is great, but don't make yourself crazy!
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  • Know what you mean about trying to avoid the extra sugars. Fortunatly you don't give infants Tylenol (or when older the baby Motrin) very often. The big companies do make infant tylenol/motrin that is dye free. Have not really seen options for the multivitamin (can't think of the name of it, but it was a nasty tri-something that was tons of cornsyrup) that our doc prescribed - can check with your pedi, but if it is mainly Vitamin D that they want for the child, there are D drops that you just do one single drop of in formula bottle/ on nipple of nursing, and no extra sugat that way.
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  • The more research I've done into California Baby, the less impressed I am with the product line. The info I've read on has not instilled much confidence. For bath time, we have opted for Original Sprout hair and body baby wash. When she was a newborn, we exclusively used Dove sensitive bar soap, no liquid soaps because the stabilizers that are used in liquid soaps are hard on delicate skin.
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  • If your baby has cradle cap, Original Sprout hair and body wash is AWESOME. My kids had horrible recurring cradle cap. The original sprout is the only thing that cleared it up. It's the only shampoo we use on our kids now. For excema, Burts Bees All Purpose ointment is great, as is Aveeno Baby excema wash and lotion. (Not sure if Aveeno is natural enough for you.) We use very little medicine. But when you have fever or teething pain, baby Tylenol or another brand (we use Little Remedies) is a must-have.
  • For moisturizers, only we necessary we use Vanicream moisturizing cream, Aquaphor and Theraplex (for extremely dry skin). As others have said, when it comes to teething and fevers, there is no substitute for infants Tylenol and ibuprofen (after 6 mo).
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  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I hadn't heard of Original Sprout before. BabyKsMommy, I don't like the idea of giving a baby unnecessary added sugars. The amount of sugar in my breastmilk is all that he or she should need.
  • mullenem said:

    I like Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple ointment a LOT.  That stuff is great, it worked way better than lanolin for me.  For DD1, she gets some seasonal heat rash type thing on her head so we use California baby Tea Tree and Lavendar shampoo and it works great for her.  For baby wash, we use Burt's Bees, the unscented one but it has this lovely smell of honey after their bath.  It smells so nice.  For lotion, I currently use Babyganics unscented and I also use the Babyganics diaper rash cream right now.  I really like the Burts Bees daiper cream too, but NOT the powder to cream one.

    As far as meds go, you don't really need much.  We use Little Remedies saline spray most often, which is just salt and water, no sugar in that one.  Then we use Hyland's Teething Tabs now, which also don't look like they have sugar.  We do use Little Remedies Gripe Water and it's been a lifesaver.  It does have sugar in it but it's pretty far down the ingredient list and it's just sugar - not like it's aspartame or something.  There's very likely more sugar in my breastmilk than in the 3mL of gripe water I give her.  Also, sometimes you just can't be a little tylenol (or ibuprofen if they're over 6 months).

    I actually already have some of their nipple butter and I've used it once already on a day when my nipples were just ultra sensitive. It worked really well just as a barrier between my pajamas and my nipples. It does smell funny, but I guess that's because it's fragrance free. 
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  • You know what mom2boxers, I guess I didn't really think about the added sugar being there to help baby swallow it more easily. I guess Mary Poppins knew what she was talking about...
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  • Anyone tried the Shea Moisture line? My friend's DD1 has ultrasensitive skin on top of allergy related eczema and it seems to be the only thing she can tolerate as far as washes and moisturizers.
  • Anyone tried the Shea Moisture line? My friend's DD1 has ultrasensitive skin on top of allergy related eczema and it seems to be the only thing she can tolerate as far as washes and moisturizers.
    I have their fragrance free healing lotion for baby. It seems to work fine, it doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't smell like anything. (Some fragrance-free bath products smell really bad IME). DD doesn't have a problem with it so far, but I don't lotion her every day and her skin isn't that sensitive.
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