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my son is almost 5 months and has seemed to be teething for a month now. He just seems miserable sometimes. I do the hyland tablets and the gel but I'm curious everyone's opinion on the teething necklaces that the babies wear. Do you find them actually helpful? If so which is the best to buy?

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  • I've tried a few from Target but mine (almost 5 months) doesn't seem terribly interested unless the beads are more flat than round. I've had more luck with the cheesy cheap little water rings you throw in the freezer.
  • Sophie the Giraffe...she is ridiculously expensive for what she is ($18 on Amazon), but LO LOVES her!  There are so many different areas for him to chew on.  I got her as a gift that I had registered for at my baby shower; I probably wouldn't have spent the money on her myself, but now I know and if she ever gets lost I will be replacing her.

    I also tried a wet washrag from the freezer yesterday, DS seemed to like that until his hands got cold.

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  • We have the giraffe, he likes it. Thanks for the wash cloth tip
  • I guess I'm more curious about the necklaces the kids wear.
  • We use an amber necklace.  It works great.  You can tell very quickly that the drooling diminishes and the fussiness eases.  I was really against them originally, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  It has a break away clasp so it won't strangle the baby if it gets caught.  It has knots between the beads so only one bead is loose if it breaks.  It has small rounded beads so it can pass through their system with no harm if it were ingested.  I'm using the necklace I bought for DD1, and that etsy store doesn't sell them any more, but I've heard hazelaid has good ones.
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