Question about MSPI - 2nd baby in the clear?

I'm hoping I can find someone who has had an MSPI baby followed by one without. My DS #1 was extremely MSPI through 2 years. He was 8 days old when he started screaming and had a diaper full of blood. At the time, I didn't know about MSPI and had had lasagna the night before. Over the next 2 years, even whey or a tiny bit of butter in my diet would set him off. I went into my second pregnancy just assuming that I would have to deal with it again.

My new baby is 3 weeks old tomorrow and with the holidays, I slipped up a few times and he seemingly has had no reaction. I haven't had milk or anything super cheesy, but have had butter in baked goods and some yogurt. I am dealing with a bit of oversupply and he has had 2-3 green or mucusy poops, but overall yellow and seedy. The only rub is that he is extremely gassy and suuuuuper grunty at night. I don't know "normal", so is this potentially a warning for MSPI if I let loose with my diet or is it more likely oversupply/ typical baby gas? When did you know you were in the clear?

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Re: Question about MSPI - 2nd baby in the clear?

  • This is somewhat related, and since no one else has posted, I thought I'd post. My son has a severe peanut allergy, and I worried my next would also have it. However, she ended up with an egg allergy instead. My allergist indicated that if there is a predisposition for a food allergy, it doesn't always present with a reaction to the same food (for me, it was one child with peanut, another with egg.....and my oldest doesn't have any food allergies at all). I'm not sure if MSPI works the same, but since it's similar I don't think just because one had it, the next one will. I would just continue to keep a food diary and look for reactions, because maybe it could be a sensitivity to a different food all together. GL!

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  • I have a co-worker who has one twin with MSPI and the other twin does not. So if it can happen with twins I am sure it could happen with siblings.
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