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Looking for recommendations for a humidifier. Have money on my FSA account that I need to spend before I lose it and a humidifier is an eligible expense. I know we will need one eventually, so want to go ahead and but one. Thanks ladies!

Re: Humidifer?

  • We have a Vicks.
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  • We also have a Vicks. The warm kind work much better than the cool mist, IMO.

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  • We have Vicks too, I didn't know they made a warm one? Ours is cold, it works well however it makes the room cold.

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  • Yup, they have a warm one.

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  • With humidifier make sure you keep them clean! Something called scale that can build up in them and it's only toxic if it gets in a heated mist form. You can clean the scale by using white vinagar on it.
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  • We have two Crane humidifiers. They are rated really high on Consumer Reports and are super quiet. Also they don't have a filter that needs to be replaced constantly and they are fairly easy to clean.
  • I have the cool mist one shaped like an elephant. I can't remember what brand. I like it because I never have to worry about the kids putting their hands in the steam.

    I have a vivid memory of being three and putting my hand in the cool vapor and scalding myself on our heat humidifier from when I was a child.
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  • Another vote for the cool mist from crane (we have the cow, dragon and a lime green one) don't require filters - big plus
  • We have the owl one from Crane. For safety reasons they only recommend the cool mist kind for babies and kids.
  • The today show just did a segment and consumer reports recommend the cool mist from crane as the best on the market. I can't remember why though.
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  • Just ordered the cool mist from Crane based on Today Show segment.

  • Not sure if this is everywhere but my Target had two different Crane cool mist humidifiers on clearance today


  • Did they recommend any cool mist one by Crane or a specific one? I looked it up and saw they showed the owl one, but wasn't sure if it was specifically that one.
  • We just have a Walgreens brand that we bought while I was pregnant (I had croup). It works well and has a large water resevoir. It's completely silent.

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