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Night feedings and night wakings...

So, LO will be 6 months soon. She is very happy during the day but still has several night wakings and I've been feeding her each time (likely not the right answer). She is very healthy and chunky. I know she doesn't need to be eating at night anymore based on the majority of research I've done and Pediatrician also gave green light for sleep training, but... What's the best way to go about it?! She doesn't use pacifier, and I'm fairly certain she uses me to soothe. I tried CIO for 2.5 hours a month ago and mommy failed because I gave in. I need to get her to sleep longer and self soothe, but what are the thoughts out there with the mommies who are still doing multiple feedings at night? Are the majority of moms having babies sttn or are there feedings at night? I'm trying to figure out what direction to go... Hardcore sleep train or wait it out to see if it gets better, etc. Thanks in advance! I'm beginning to think sttn is a 4 letter word.

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  • I have no advice, but my almost 5 month old is waking 4+ times a night and my boob is the only thing that'll get her to go back down. Needless to say, we've resorted to cosleeping for the past 2 months... So, rest assured (or don't rest... Ha!), that you're not the only one in your situation. I hope you figure it out, I have no idea what I'm going to do! Good luck :smile:
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    Almost 5 months here and have 4 MOTN wakes and most of the time feeds too. I have tried putting the paci in first before just popping him on the boob and sometimes he sleeps for another hr. But since you don't use paci's, is there something else that you could try first before feeding her, petting her hair/cheek/belly? Does she like blankets, maybe give her a soothie?

     I am waiting till he is 6mon to reevaluate sleep training but my goal is to get him in his crib by then so I'm starting with naps in a few days and then hope he's not waking up too often to transition at night. If he is still waking a lot and eating I feel like I'm going to try sleep training and if it doesn't go well I'll have to suck it up and just accept that that's what he needs and try again later on. Some LOs are great sleepers and others arnt :( 

    Also I'm curious if once we introduce solids at 6 mon might change things, hopefully for the better
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    Don't drop all the feeds at once. Pick one and either have DH go in to soothe at that time or cut back the time you nurse each night (like if you normally nurse for ten minutes, nurse for nine, then eight, etc). Once that feed is dropped move onto the next one. The last one before morning is usually the last one you try to drop otherwise LO may just decide to wake for the day.

    That said, your LO may still need to eat at night at six months. Not a bunch but once or twice. All night is a long time. Mine still eats twice. If she wakes a third time in between DH goes to her.

    Also, usually sleep training is first done when they go to bed. If you do CIO, you let them CIO to sleep then still go to them in the middle of the night, at least at first.

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  • Isn't the goal of CIO to teach them to self soothe so they can sleep? My LO us a big girl and has many wet diapers throughout the night so I don't think she needs to be eating in the middle of the night... She goes to bed well after eating and I put her to bed in between drowsy and asleep, but these multiple night wakings are breaking me...
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