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Today is DS's second birthday and we have reached our goal of two years!  It was not always smooth sailing, DS had a rough start and spent the first 36 hours of life in the Special Care Nursery, I had to pump because I couldn't hold him to feed him.  At 2 months DS was diagnosed with MSPI, so we went dairy/soy free until 10 months when that cleared.  At 11 months I started to have symptoms of thrush and battled that for months until we realized it couldn't possibly be thrush since it wasn't really improving at all.  After a milk culture supported that my symptoms did not seem to be caused by bacteria or yeast, the doctor recommended a full elimination diet.  I chose to do a partial and eliminated eggs, milk and peanuts.  After doing that the problems I experienced cleared and it became evident I had an intolerance to dairy.  But, we made it!  Thank you to this board for all of your support, particularly when DS had MSPI, I think I would have starved to death had the sweet, supportive girls on here not been so helpful in directing me to the resources they had.
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Re: AW: Made it to Two Years

  • congrats!

    i've been seeing you in july '15. :) how are you doing nursing while pregnant?
  • vvvvvfee said:

    i've been seeing you in july '15. :) how are you doing nursing while pregnant?
    You and I have the same EDD :) Going pretty well actually.  Just nursing once to twice a day now.  I had to drop to 2 nursing sessions to get pregnant.  A little sore, supply dipping, but I feel in better shape than when I was nursing DD and pregnant.  With DD we weaned when I was 10w and I was more than ready.  I don't feel the same push with DS, but I still plan to wean well before the new baby comes, I have no interest in tandem nursing. 
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  • Way to go!! My son was MSPI for 2 years and I also nursed him that entire time. It is SO hard, but also so rewarding. I was very ready to be done and eat real food again, but I really miss our nursing relationship sometimes.

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