Business Trip during weaning process

I'm in the process of weaning my 19 month old. I'm working on cutting out one feeding at a time because he's stubborn and very attached to breastfeeding. I'm going away on a business trip for 3 days. I stopped pumping at 12 months and have been able to keep up my supply with a couple day feedings and night feedings. I've cut back all but one night feeding and the day feedings are 2-3. 

My question is, should I pump while I'm away?  I won't be able to completely wean him since the trip is a week and a half away.  I don't know if I should pump to keep up in case he's still asking for it or should I let it go and see happens. Honestly I don't see him forgotting about it after 3 days but you never know. 

Re: Business Trip during weaning process

  • i would. do you have a hand pump you could bring, so it's less bulky? you don't have to save the milk. i'd be more worried about engorgement/discomfort leading to blocked ducts/mastitis than i would be about losing your supply. i'd pump 2x a day while you're away, or as often as you need to avoid feeling uncomfortably engorged.
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