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ex-wife is crazier than ever!

Let's rewind a second. Husband and ex-wife divorced to her cheating and getting pregnant by another man, being abusive and wouldnt help support the family and would take off at days at a time.
when the divorce was filed, she instantly began dating the moving guy that moved her out of her husbands house. My husband and i began our relationship a few months after divorce filing.
Fast forward to present.
Divorce has been finalized, were married and now that is a no-no...granted she got engaged when we did. Now that we are married, my husband hardly gets his CO custody times with the 2 children. She doesnt want me around the children, granted they see her new man all the time and she even has them calling him their new dad. Everytime we need to pick up the children, we always need to file police reports so we can make her contempt. It is so exhausting. Well Christmas didnt go her way, we even tried to negotiate appropriate times, but no so we decided to say well were going to enforce CO. She said no, we got the police. She then agreed. We go back to get the children and she said "no, f*ck you, you will never see the children again. (This is on christmas eve mind you). Husband said "fine, ill just get the officer." He turned to walk to the car and she tackled him on the car and began strangling him and beating him.in the face. I called the police and in the meantime she tried swinging at me and im pregnant! The cops show up she gets arrested and her rich mommy bails her out. But we did end up getting the kids, spent half the day at the police station though.
well the kids return home christmas morning. The day after she decides she is going to bring the children to the hospital and say my husband molested them!!! Wtf is wrong with her!? So again, cant have our weekends with the children. I am so exhausted.

Re: ex-wife is crazier than ever!

  • You and your H need to get a lawyer asap. This is not healthy for anyone involved, especially the kids, and dangerous if she's being aggressive to that extent. I agree with @becwheat‌ about getting an emergency custody order and also protective orders for you and H as well. Honestly I would press assault charges against her.
    I'm sorry you're going through this, it sounds like it's been pretty rough but you and your H are doing the right thing by documenting and involving the police. As far as your H being reported for molestation, my best advice would be you know him best and the validity of her accusations to be false. When it's investigated by CPS it'll show that but you and H need to get a lawyer and take her back to court because all of this is ruining the relationship between him and his children and this is not healthy mentally or emotionally for the kids. Good luck and keep us updated!
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  • Yes please get a lawyer this lady is clearly crazy and will do anything at any point to your H and you. little does she know by doing all this she is hurting the kids this is so unhealthy.
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  • First of all you weren't there so you do not know why they got divorced.  You are getting one side of the story.  Please don't forget that.

    Though I agree she is really only hurting the kids with her antics.  You need a lawyer.  I would say her attacking you and your H would be grounds for a change of custody.  Sorry you are going through this what a terrible mess.

    I went through drama with BD for about 2 years and then it died down thank goodness.  Now we get along fairly well.

  • Ditto filing assault charges.  You need to nip that in the bud right away.  If you files charges we can only hope she will not do that again.
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