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Leg pains

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I just hit 6 weeks today and my calves have been really sore and every now and then I get cramping in them too. It feels like I constantly need to stretch them - like they're too tight. I had a friend who recently gave birth tell me how she had painful vericose and spider veins due to her pregnancy and she used compression socks. Is what I'm feeling normal, or is this possibly an indication that I might be going through what my friend did? Also, thoughts on compression socks?

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  • I have read that vericose veins can be very painful but I do not have any experience with them. 
    I often use compression socks when I run. They help with circulation and can reduce swelling. Personally, I don't think they will be a danger to your pregnancy and may help to ease your pain and swelling. Have you been able to speak to your OB about the issues you're having?
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  • Eat bananas! Magnesium helps.

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  • I found that coconut water really helped me with this! And regular leg massages :)
  • I agree with pp's and the banana's and extra water. I also had to teach myself to stretch but keep my toes flexed not pointed. When I stretched with pointed toes I almost always got a cramp.

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