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1st Trimester

Question for moms having baby #2 or more...

Hey there "experienced" moms. I had my son 4 1/2 years ago and having been dealing with secondary IF ever since. We just found out on Christmas Eve that baby #2 is on the way!

My question is, is your current pregnancy (or past pregnancies if you've already got more than 1) significantly different from each other? I've heard they can be, but I'm not sure what to expect.

If your pregnancies were different, what did you notice? Did they result in children of different genders?

I've already noticed a difference in finding out I was pregnant. With my son, I got a clear BFP only 10dpo. This time it took until 17dpo just to get a very faint line. I was also sick my ENTIRE second trimester with my son, so I'm hoping (fingers crossed!) that I won't be as sick this time around.

Re: Question for moms having baby #2 or more...

  • I have 3 girls and for the most part the pregnancies were pretty similar. I had different PG symptoms in the first trimester maybe but that was about it. Like #1 I was constipated for weeks (awesome right?) #2 I couldn't stop going and #3 I don't remember. Those are my worst problems really though. I always have indigestion and a full feeling almost all day long right away from the moment of BFP for all 3 of them. My best friend had 2 boys and 1 girl and she was pretty sick through all of them in the first tri. Congrats to you!

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  • Thanks for your insight! I hope I don't follow in your friend's footsteps!
  • Well I am not that far along in this pregnancy, but I have noticed a difference in the symptoms I have experienced so far.  With #1, I had slight nausea and was exhausted all the time.  With this one, I am not as exhausted, but the nausea is out of control.  Also, I had a lot of spotting in the first trimester with #1 and haven't had any with this one.  I am also excited to see how this pregnancy is different going forward. :)


  • I'm pregnant with my third also.  I don't know the sex of this one but I currently have one of each.  This has been by far my hardest pregnancy.  I've had symptoms I didn't have with the others at all but not all symptoms between the first two were the same.  I wouldn't put any faith in symptoms leading to the sex of your child.  
  • Symptoms haven't started yet (5wks) but this is #4 -boy, girl, girl- and each has gotten progressively worse- I'm curious to see if this one is easier and if it's a boy. Morning sickness is awful starting at 6 weeks and by the end of my last one I could barely stand all the aching numbness in my arms. Really made me think twice about going through this again! So, crossing my fingers this one breaks my pattern!
  • First, Congrats on your BFP!! :)

    I have two boys. With DS1 I puked a lot more, but not as much general nausea. With DS2 I had a lot more ongoing nausea but not as much puking. I think I only threw up 3 times with DS2 where as with DS1 it was everyday at least once a day if not more.

    As he got bigger I had much worse heartburn with DS2, he also had a lot more hair than DS1 so that OWT was true for me. ;) 

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  • I have a boy and a girl and am currently 7 weeks with #3. With my son, I was sick (vomited daily) only in the AM and right until 12 weeks. My daughter, I was sick all day (just nausea though, no vomiting). This time around is more like my daughter's pregnancy....maybe another girl?
  • Interesting! Sounds like the data here is all over the place!

    I feel like I'm having earlier symptoms this time around. I am already feeling the pull of exhaustion and cramping a bit. I swear that when I had my son, I never felt any pregnancy symptoms until 9 weeks. After that, I was barfing the for the next several months. I'm reaaaaaaally hoping I get out of all that barf this time around!

  • Mine have been totally different. Last time my only symptom early on was sore breasts.  This time there is that and everything else. I would bargain for a nap, I can't eat, and I'm more "cramp" this time.  I think some of this has to do with the fact that I am not taking care of myself like I did last time being that all my energy goes to my 2 year old.  I'm hoping things get better in a few weeks because so far this pregnancy is tough.

  • I had horrible morning sickness with all 3...and I'm expecting #4 NOW . BFP on Christmas Eve too!!
  • We have similar stories... I have a 4 year old and we found out xmas eve we're expecting after years of trying.

    So far this time has been way different then it was with DD. DD I was slightly queezy for the first month and that was it. This time thought I've been sick, beyond tired, sore, and RLP already. I'm hoping once I get out of the first tri I start to feel better.

  • Completely different! DD is 4 now and I blew up, had all the typical symptoms, Braxton hicks all the time, and round ligament pain. DS is 2 now and I had barely any early symptoms but had a lot of cramping and evening sickness instead of morning, bad sciatic and round ligament but barely gained any weight.
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  • This is my 4th pregnancy, one resulted in ectopic, 2 are my beautiful DS and DD. This one closely resembles my DD. My son was THE TOTAL opposite than my daughter. My son was easy and not a lot of symptoms. My daughter was stressful and I was throwing up until 16 weeks, and needed to be on zofran.

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