Dealing with cluster feeding

My son is almost 6 weeks old and I think he's about to go through his third growth spurt. He cluster fed at 2 days, 3 weeks, and now possibly 6 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this frequency? How are you dealing? It's so stressful, but I'm really determined to keep breastfeeding exclusively.

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Re: Dealing with cluster feeding

  • I think I'm experiencing my first cluster feed. My son is almost 2.5 weeks and he ate literally almost every hour today. I'm getting so stressed out, I didn't think it'd be this hard but I'm determined to BF exclusively, too. I just miss my sleep :(
    That sounds about right. During the last cluster feed I posted myself on the couch with a tray of snacks, water, my phone and Netflix. It lasted about 3 days and I was almost in tears the third night. Right now my son is taking a little cat nap on my nursing pillow (on my lap). Today he's been nursing every 1-2 hours so I'm thinking this might be a third growth spurt.

    Hang in there... let's just try to focus on the fact that this will only last a few days. lol.

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  • It doesn't last long so keep it up! Remember it helps with your supply so keep breastfeeding if you supplement during growth spurts it could affect your supply! You're doing awesome!
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  • Sounds totally normal! You are doing a great job.
    Grab some reading material, snacks, water, comfy spot on the couch and just give in, it won't last forever!

    If you haven't already, look into side lying nursing positions, you can snooze in bed safely while baby eats and eats.
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  • Sounds about right. If it's any consolation, this 6 week growth spurt was the last time I really felt bogged down with cluster feedings. And it only lasted a few days. Then, somewhere between 7-8 weeks, the fog lifted and DD and I found our groove. She became so much more efficient and put herself on a fairly regular schedule. Now we're almost 8 months in, and still rockin'!

    You're doing great, mama, hang in there!
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