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Hives anyone?

I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I woke up this morning itchy.  I thought and assumed it was dry skin.  When getting dressed, I noticed raised marks like hives.  I didn't eat anything I have't had before, and never experience this before.  I have these marks on my wrists(both), my hips, stomach area, under where the bra is, behind my knees, and other places I'm discovering as the afternoon goes on.  Is this a normal symptom?


Re: Hives anyone?

  • I don't know if it's normal, but I broke out in hives also a few weeks ago.  That usually only happens when I eat red grapes and I didn't eat any that day or anything else out of the ordinary.

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  • I get random hives when I'm stressed. After the birth of my son they were everywhere- even between my toes!

  • I've never actually broken out in hives but I have had very dry skin with it being winter and found that if I scratched my skin, I would often leave a scatch mark that were red, swollen, and more itchy. They kind of looked like hives. But they would fade fairly quickly. Are the marks popping up after scratched yourself or do you notice them before?
    Hope you can find relief! 
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  • When i was in 11th grade i had hives every single day of my life. at lunch if i laughed it would make my throat scratchy and then i could cough and wheeze so bad. i was put on singulair and it completely got rid of all of this!! EVEN THE HIVES. if my parents dog would crawl on me and its nails would scratch me i'd BREAK OUT INSANELY and it would swell up so bad, anywhere that my skin was scratched by anything or rubbed on anything i would break out terrible with severe swelling and spreading everywhere. 
    i have been getting hives now since I have gotten pregnant this time. EVERY MORNING- but same thing, wherever my skin is touching somewhere that either puts pressure on it/scratches it/ or irritates it/ same situation- like if i rest my arm on the computer desk while i am using the mouse or keyboard, where my wrist hits the desk breaks out awful and my entire arm... and sometimes i dont think that i really do anything to the skin and it just breaks out. 
    i dont have a solution or an explanation... all i can say is that when i was put on medication before my diagnosis was "chronic hives"- i was also perscribed inhalers etc because of the coughing and wheezing (basically hives in my throat from talking and my throat getting scratched and couching) CRAZYYYY i didnt think that that EVER happened to anyone else, so its kinda good to hear that i'm not alone. 
  • Thanks's good to hear, I'm not the only one.  I do get them in random places, such as where my watch and hair bands are on my wrists, etc.  It did seem to have gotten better today.  i will mention to my dr., on Friday when we have our 2nd ultrasound visit.
  • I thought I was the only one!! Unbearable the point of me getting scabs all over my legs! Dry skin in odd areas..
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  • I had broken out in hives and had bumps on my arms and torso 2-3 weeks into my pregnancy. We were on holidays so it could've been an allergic reaction to anything. Hydrocortisone and antihistamine seemed to have worked. It went away in 3 days.
  • I had hives yesterday! I never get hives and the last time I did was right after a flu shot from 2014. So it beats me what triggered it. I figured what antihistamine medicine was pregnancy safe and everything was all better. 
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