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My almost 10 month old still seems to really prefer BF over eating solids.  He will "snack" on solids 3-4 times a day but still isn't eating a whole lot of food during these times.  He continues to grow well (>100% for height and 90-something for weight) and his blood tests at his 9month physical came back ok.  Is this something I should be worried about?  Should I be encouraging him to eat solids more and BF less?  What have your experiences been?  TIA!

Re: BF vs Solids

  • If he wants BM let him. BM should continue to be the primary source of nutrition till a year. My daughter didn't really pick up on solids till just over a year and even at 15 months still prefers milk over solids. (I have a peanut). He will increase solids when he wants too. Continue to offer BM/nursing before meals at 10 months.
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  • Ok good.  I'm glad to hear that there's nothing wrong with how we're doing things and how he's eating.  Thanks!
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  • Sounds fine to me! DS is 11 months and solids didn't really "click" until last week or so. He was spacing his nursing sessions 3 hrs and biting/refusing to nurse before then. Now he gets breakfast, lunch, snack, and then dinner. He still nurses 6/7x a day. I always offer boob before food :)
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