Is this a plugged duct?

Hi ladies -
Over the last day I've had sharp pains in my right breast (the great producer of my two, which is still not much) is this a sign of a plugged duct? It's really quite painful but it's not consistent ( more like shooting pains) and I can't feel any strange lumps. My breast isn't noticeably red or hot either.
I've been nursing as much as possible and used a heating pad on it but nothing seems to improve.
It's also more on the inside - as opposed to the outside and shooting toward the armpit.
I don't know what else it could be but the lack of a lump and redness makes me wonder ...
Is there anything I'm not thinking about or anything else I should be doing?

Re: Is this a plugged duct?

  • Its hard to say. Have you seen your md or a lc? When my duct was plugged my breast on the affected side was red and hot, i had fever/chills and felt like i got hit by a bus. Warm compresses and frequent feeding/pumping helped me as well as the abx i needed to get rid of the infection.

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  • Thank you!!
    AmyG* said:

    It could be milk refill pains, which can be quite sharp pains usually early on in your breastfeeding journey.

    I'm thinking it might be this... because I don't think, based on the below it's the other options... DD is 4 months...?

    It could be a plugged duct, but usually they are more of a sore spot and dull ache. mastitis would be if the plugged duct gets infected, and infection would show with feeling like you have the flu, temperature, really sore spot, red on the breat etc. Def. not infected - no fever, no ache, still no visible redness.  It's like sharp shooting pains...

    it could be ductal thrush, which usually comes with nipple thrush with extra pink, shiney, raw nipples, that may be itchy and flakey and it feels like glass going out thru your nipples at the beginning of a feeding.

    It's not in my nipples at all... my nipples are perfectly healthy this time around (thanks to an early tongue tie clip) - I am shocked at just how much nipple trauma I avoided (or perhaps rather how much I suffered through and assumed was "normal" the first time around).

    So... I'm guessing it's the first.   It's not better tonight, but it's no worse either, so I guess that's good...

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