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How many weeks am I?

Before you answer, just know that I feel like an idiot just asking this question.

How do I figure out how many weeks pregnant I am? Do they count weeks from the first day or your LMP or weeks from your estimated time of conception?

I know I ovulated about 20 days ago, so I was assuming I'm nearly 3 weeks pregnant. When I plugged in my LMP into a due date calculator, it gave me a date of August 20. Then when I put that into my Bump profile, it gives me a little message that says "You're 6 weeks pregnant!" Say what?

I feel dumb for being so confused, especially since this isn't my first rodeo, but we've been dealing with secondary IF for years, so I've forgotten nearly everything!

Re: How many weeks am I?

  • Gestational age, which is how most people measure pregnancies, goes by first day of LMP.
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  • Ok, thank you. I have really honestly forgotten everything since the last go 'round.
  • I would just go by your ovulation date. I used to have long cycles and could not base it off LMP because it would be wrong. If you really aren't sure you can tell your doctor "I'm not sure of either" and they will do an early u/s and base your dates off those measurements.
  • Yea first day of last menstrual period for calculating gestational age assumes you ovulated day 14. That has never been the case for me, but I also temped both pregnancies and knew for sure what day I ovulated and could use that instead until doctor was able to do a dating ultrasound to confirm (within 1 day of what I thought both times). Use this to help if needed. It gives you both options:
  • Thanks gals! That helps a lot. I do know that I ovulated on day 14, so it sounds like it doesn't matters either way! In my head, I was thinking only a few weeks since I was counting from that ovulation day, but I guess the Bump counter counts from LMP.

    Makes so much more sense now :)

  • Doctors also count from LMP. It's so confusing to people, because the first "2 weeks" of your pregnancy you haven't even had sex yet! I guess they counted it differently back in the day because my grandmas can't understand pregnancy these days. No matter how many times I explain the extra 2 weeks to her she thinks " well then you're only 6 weeks not. 8" yes the baby has only been in there for 6 weeks but that's not how the doctors count it lol
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