20/20 Foster Care story

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Did anyone else watch the story about Hannah Overton/the Overton's and her foster son Andrew Burd? I just have so many thoughts swirling all at once. Since this is really the only place I discuss adoption and fostering, I thought I'd open a discussion. Moderator, please delete if you see fit.
I wonder how people who don't have some kind of experience or research knowledge of the topic interpret how fostering was discussed? While that wasn't the point of the story, to discuss fostering, I still wonder if any perception was positive. I immediately felt only negative emotions, kind of defensive. Can anyone paint this in a positive way?

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Re: 20/20 Foster Care story

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    I tried to find a link on Google last night to link up, but nothing really talks about the foster situation as much. They mostly talk about Hannah Overton. Some of the things they said could have been phrased better I think. I feel better after having slept on it though. @Spooko‌

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    I didn't see the episode, but I've been a foster parent for almost 2 years now. It's been a great experience and we've learned so much. I don't think I could say anything negative about it.
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